Recent Commision
I was asked by a friend for a couple of paintings to hang on the wall of his new business premise. He has a liking for Lowry and Hockney so suggested a couple of copies (the originals are VERY expensive). We agreed on 'A Cricket Match' by Lowey and 'Garrowby Hill' by Hockney. 

While I did these for a friend I could not sell them (still under copyright) but I am happy to copy other old master works on request.
Portrait Commision
Cassia is just one. Sitting in a small arm chair she has an air of maturity, but at the same time, total innocence. She is teething and is wearing a bib. The light is from behind her, which makes interesting highlights across her leggings and top.

She seems distracted by the viewer or perhaps something out a window. Her discarded toy lies on the floor, but will be picked up again soon. 

Two Shih Tzus belonging to a friend. We did a photo shoot of the dogs, then selcted the best photo of each that worked for the client. This painting is a combination of the two photos.
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