I work from photographs, these have to be of quite high definition and colour true, as far as possible. It is preferable to have a number of photographs not only showing the look but also the character of your pet.

Once a size and cost is agreed I would create a small number of layouts using image editing software and share these with you as approximations of the intended finished painting. I would then make changes, if required, and agree on a final image. If you are still happy for me to continue, I would want a 25% payment.

I would then start the painting.

At some stage, roughly half way through the painting, I would send you a photo of the painting in progress, if you are still happy I would complete it. Time to complete is difficult for me to predict, it depends on the difficulty of the painting and other commitments. 

Once completed I will send a photo of the final painting.. If you are still happy with it, I would want payment in full. Once the payment is received we could arrange to either meet and hand the painting over or I could post it (at an additional cost). If you are simply not happy with the painting at this stage and I can't reasonably resolve your concerns then I would return the 25% you have paid. 

I am not offering a framing service at the moment and would request that you find your own local framer.

If you want to know more, please contact me at ...